Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Video SolidWorks Tutorials Lesson - Draw Helical Gear and Worm Gear

SolidWorks Tutorial, Flex Twisting to Draw Helical Gear
After you cut extrude & circular pattern for helical gear profile, you can use flex & twisting ordered with 15 degree entered angle of helix.

SolidWorks Tutorial How to Draw a Worm Gear
To draw worm gear, the ordered almost same like when you drAw the Bolt and the Nut. By use helix and cut sweep to make the appearance of this teeth.

Worm gear SolidWorks
Quick gear design, Trying out SolidWorks. This is a 6in fine tooth worm gear with the parameters set from Marks Handbook for Mechanical Engineers.

Solid Works screen capture animation of a mechanical worm gear assembly.  

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